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Meet and team up with the better website for Voice Talent!

Visit www.ChooseAVoice.com and get acquainted with the website that was built to promote your talent in the best light.

We not only speak your language, we also speak the language of your clients (in English, Spanish or Portuguese).

Currently, we have over 2,600 registered users. The project began in Brazil, and is doing very well for our registered voice talent and clients there. Therefore, we decided to expand our database so that voiceover artists from around the world would have the opportunity to join a site dedicated to promoting their talent.

Here are some advantages of being registered with ChooseAVoice.com:
- We speak your language;
- Your homepage is made to highlight you, not us;
- With free signup, you promote yourself and receive proposals WITHOUT ANY MIDDLEMEN OR FEES;
- You can upload six audio demos and 3 photos;
- You can register unlimited YouTube videos in your portfolio;
- Customize the text of your page, including the 3 languages supported by the website, with a very easy text editor;
- You can display or hide personal information, such as telephone number, e-mail, website, birth date, etc;
- If you wish to contribute to the site, you’ll have the advantage of changing your personal page to one of more than 50 sample page headers; you can customize your name and the color of your page. You’ll also have access to our exclusive visitor access graph on your profile;
- Our fees are the lowest in the market!

These are just some of the advantages. Visit www.ChooseAVoice.com now and create the website that was built to promote you!

You can use other redirect websites to promote your new webpage:
www.Locutor.EU        www.Locutoras.net
www.ChooseAVoice.com  www.ChooseMyVoice.com
www.Locutores.com.br  www.LocutoresOnline.net

Now we accept PayPal!

See you there!

Staff ChooseAVoice.com